Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cases do you handle?

Friel Law is a litigation-based practice that handles both civil and criminal matters in North Carolina state courts.  Attorney Jonathan Friel also represents clients in school and professional conduct cases.  Currently we do not take Federal cases. 

What kind of help can you give in a criminal case?

Mr. Friel provides a full range of legal services for criminal cases at all stages of the process.  He can represent you in police investigations, pre-trial motions, bond motions, probation violations, plea negotiations, trials, appeals, and post-conviction motions. 

What are your fees?

Because each case is unique, fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.   The cost of representation is determined during an initial consultation.

Can I do a consultation over the phone?

Yes, almost all consultations are done over the phone. 

What can I do about an existing conviction?

Some convictions may be eligible for an expungement if you meet the criteria. However, many people will have to file a motion for appropriate relief (MAR) to seek relief.  Learn more about MARs. 

What happens during an initial consultation?

A consultation is an opportunity to provide information to the attorney and allow the attorney to ask further questions to understand the facts of the case to be able to set a fee, and outline terms of representation.  A consultation allows a potential client and the attorney to determine if they wish to create an attorney-client relationship. Legal advice is not given during the initial consultation. Competent legal advice can only be given after an attorney has reviewed a case thoroughly, beyond the scope of what can be discussed during a brief initial consultation.

Can you help prisoners?

Yes, often times a prisoner can challenge their convictions on constitutional grounds by filing a motion for appropriate relief (MAR) to try and get their conviction set aside or get a sentence reduction.  Learn more about the process.